3 Things To Do if You are Buying Real Estate in 2019

Planning on a move in 2019? Start preparing now! It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of buying this month or 6-9 months from now; preparing today will help make the process less stressful and even fun!

1. Check Your Credit & Get Pre-approved:
We work with some amazing mortgage brokers and lenders specializing in qualifying all types of buyers. Whether your credit is pristine or not in good standing, we have some great recommendations to assist you in getting pre-approved. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage qualifies your property budget. The higher credit score, the better finance rate, which could save you on your mortgage payments. The time to buy in NOW! Mortgage rates are competitive!

2. Make a Wants & Needs List:
The all-important question is what do you want and need in a property? Take some time to prioritize a list of you and or your family’s top three wants and needs. This will help you gain a sense of style, location, and space to focus on. Log into our website www.ConnectedNorthIdahoRealEstate.com and start #househunting Our site updates every 15 minutes with the most recent and hottest properties available on the market.

3. If You’re Selling:
Whether you are #downsizing #upgrading or need of #relocation, it’s time to start looking at your home as a house. Detaching oneself from the home is crucial and sometimes a challenging process. Clean, de-clutter, repair and or renovate are key to making your home presentable for potential buyers. Understanding your home’s value is imperative in throughout the selling process and where to invest your money if you are considering any upgrades or renovations. Our team has an extensive background Real Estate Investments! We are experts in assessing the current value of your home, determining if renovations are needed and selling it for top dollar!


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