Curb less showers aren’t just for seniors anymore!

One of the standard requirements in ADA (American with Disabilities Act) bathrooms are lipless or curb less showers to accommodate wheelchairs/walkers for disabled, fall risk, or aging in place people but let’s not discriminate…. streamlined or linear drains are for everyone! The future of our bathroom design is linear drains.
Linear shower drains or infinity shower drains invite the sleek modern look into one’s bathroom. Whether one has a lot of space or is constrained for space, the infinity shower drain is the answer for new development and renovations. In luxury properties, we are seeing negative edge (vanishing edge) baths next to infinity showers (genius), but it’s not just for the wealthy. These popular drains and edges are used throughout European Apartments, Flats, Hotels, and Homes but and are now becoming main stream in North America. Why you ask? Because they are aesthetically pleasing (gorgeous), space saving, and easy to clean. It appears we are inviting the open floor concept of our living space into our bathroom space.

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