Front Doors are the New Windows to the Soul!

With the beautiful fall and Halloween décor lining our yards and front doors we wanted to remind everyone the importance front doors.

Our front doors have never been more important as they are today. Long are the days of stock doors used to keep people out, they are now equally important to invite them in! They create the first impression of both the interior and exterior of one’s home often tying the architectural design and landscaping together as a focal point.
Options are endless in choosing a front door and we encourage everyone to customize their own as much as possible. Make sure to match the style and material of the door to the architectural design of your home. Do not be afraid of color! Have fun with it! If you cannot afford a new door, start with painting it. We are seeing glass doors trending more and more. A glass front door isn’t just inviting for people but for light! It can really open up an entryway or foyer immediately creating an inclusive indoor-outdoor vibe for guests. Plus front doors are essential for re sale value and they are just FUN!

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