Is your Bathroom ready for the Holidays?

The Holiday Season is upon us! Most people think about getting their homes ready for the holiday season by bringing out the festive décor to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. As we clean for company, prepare the guest rooms for family visits, and begin the transfer of harvest cheer to Christmas joy, let us keep in mind one of the most important rooms of our homes…The Bathroom!

That’s right folks; the most frequented room in any home is the bathroom. We forget how often we visit this useful space and what this space says to our guests. We believe in function first, lighting second and proportionality third for every room in the house.
Regardless of style, utilize the needed storage space for bathroom needs only. Think about your vanity space in forms of cabinetry and organization. The less space utilized on the floor, the larger the room will appear. Think in forms of rectangles going from floor to ceiling instead of square boxes below the sink. Remember, proportionality is everything! Faucets should be relevant to one’s sink size, and mirrors relevant to sink space.
Most bathrooms overhead lighting is horrible and manufactured. When overhead light is centered to the room and the only available light, it is unflattering to the space and the person who sees their reflection in the mirror. A great way to add flattering light and ambiance to the bathroom is by adding wall sconces and paying attention to the reflective color choice in paint, countertops, tile, and finishing’s. Don’t be afraid of color, most bathrooms are too white. Shades of creams and mushrooms offer a soft alternative to white and bring in natural elements that will continue to trend. Some other color choices trending for 2019 and 2020 are shades of reds, blues, and greens.

Less is more, especially in confined spaces, so remember to keep the holiday décor to a minimum in the bathrooms. Don’t be afraid to add a fresh coat of paint to create a comforting and luxurious mood for your bathroom guests or simply add fresh flowers to brighten the space.

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