3 Reasons why is it is time to sell your home in North Idaho

Hello and a warm welcome to you. We are Connected North Idaho at Windermere, a Family Real Estate business, working to serve you, (your business, families, and friends) in North Idaho. We relocated from southern California and decided on permanent residency 13 years ago. Being real estate investors and experts in our local market, we understand the power of the sellers’ market we are currently in. We wanted to share 3 Reasons why is it is time to sell your Idaho Home for an all-time profit high.

  1. It is a Seller’s Market! 

    Economists and Real Estate experts agree Now is the time to Sell! The inventory is historically low, creating multi-offers increasing your home’s price.

  2. The tax reform may not be giving you the same relief you are used to. 

    The amount of mortgage interest you can deduct has decreased and the property tax deduction is capped at $10,000.

  3. Locally and statically our market is screaming, “IT IS TIME TO SELL!”

Year to Date Home sales has increased 2 %. The Median Home has increased 10%. The Inventory is Down 6% and days on the market is up 6% recently put one of our homes on the market and sold it in 1 day with multiple offers. Attached is a recent Housing Snapshot of Kootenai County. Summer is finally here so these numbers have continued to evolve and have just begun to pick up speed.

We would love to connect with you via email, phone, or if you are in town -we’d love to meet you in person! When you get one of us, you get us all! A devoted team specializing in out of state clients, secondary properties, and selling properties with profitable results!

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