5 kitchen tips to help you cook with love and passion.

Being a huge fan of Top Chef, Chopped, and the Food Network at large, I am always learning how to cook and eat better! I was going over options of cooking a romantic meal for Valentine’s Day & my options got me thinking…If one eats with their sight and smell before their taste buds, does the same concept ring true for cooks and chefs?Specifically, does the design aesthetics of our kitchen affect how we cook? We may not all have a Viking Range to cook with, A Sub-Zero Refrigerator to store our food in, or a Calcutta Waterfall Edged Kitchen Island to prepare food on but, if we are organized and feel good in our cooking space, I am certain we will cook with more love and passion. Here are 5 tips to help you cook with passion.

1. Organization. It is important to organize what we see and what we don’t. Begin with categorizing all kitchen supplies and appliances into three categories: 1. Never use. 2. Seldom use. 3. Often use.

2. Purge by donating the “Never use” category including pots, pans, dishes, vases, utensils etc.

3. Create and design designated spaces for countertops, and then organize the surrounding space (shelving, cabinets, and or drawers) to support it. For example, people love a coffee nook. The Coffeemaker takes up valuable counter space and coffee cups are found in open or closed shelving next to the appliance. Continue with this philosophy throughout all your counter space. Above my food processer are bowels and below are my spices and essential oils. This design should be personal to the cook/chef but still practical at large.

4. Refrigeration and Pantry Space must be clean and promote visibility for product. The cook/chef is inspired to create what they see. Remove all expired or never used dry storage food, spices, teas, condiments, etc. When it’s time to go food shopping, begin to imagine what you want to see in your refrigerator and pantry and buy it instead of buying a specific ingredient for a recipe. This little adjustment of how you buy food and store it will lead to healthier and more inspirational menus.

5. Refresh or Renovate according to circumstance. If expanding and or updating window space for premium lighting is not an option, then update the walls or cabinetry with a fresh paint color to reflect serenity. A growing trend is specific walls being designed for indoor vertical gardening to access and cultivate fresh herbs for those serious food lovers and creators. An alternative suggestion is to simply create a special place for spices and essential oils to cook with. Perhaps start to unify the glass containers the spices are stored in and or line a drawer with your favorite shelving to store them in.

The more control I have over the kitchen leads to more control I have in the kitchen. Staying organized; minimizing, designating spaces by purpose, shopping and storing food by motivating concepts are all tips to maintain a happy cook/chef and keep them motivated. These 5 tips will have a tremendous effect on how one cooks for their loved ones. Let’s stay motivated and inspired in our kitchens. Take the time to refresh the kitchen space you work in and transform it into the space you play in!

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