Homework, Kitchen Islands, and Stools !

Trending this Tuesday is study space! Tip for Tuesday; devote a space for homework on your kitchen island!

What a week we have entering the last days of Summer in North Idaho! For Kootenai County, it’s the last week of summer before our children go back to school. We enter our Holiday Labor Day Weekend with the realization the weather is shifting and fall is kissing our forecast. Pretty soon we need to celebrate or cry over our fantasy football picks, begin our football season at large, break out the boots and sweaters, and think about winterizing our exteriors. BUT…Before that, let’s welcome the school season with enthusiasm!

Kitchens are a great place for homework for all ages, even us parents.  It is a common place for engagement and multi-tasking for both mom and dad. What is Trending but not New in Kitchens is the multi-use of an island. Whether one is bringing out the crayons or the computer, it is important for the island to be multi- functional. 

Depending upon the age and focus of one’s child, both parents and children can work side by side, or parents can answer homework questions while preparing dinner. Studying in one’s room alone isn’t always beneficial. Children learn in school from a classroom setting, and often the kitchen can bring that multi-tasking of the classroom to life at home.

If your kitchen island is out of date, too small, or not functional, think about an update! Upgrading a kitchen island can be easy, affordable and a perfect way to add value to your entire kitchen! But remember to say bye to the chairs because it’s all about stools! Swivel Bar Stools, Saddle Bar Stools, Adjustable Bar Stools, Backless Bar Stools, The Stools are also muti-functional, can be easily moved from room to room and are trending today and will be overcoming chairs in the future!

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Where will your kids be doing their homework? Leave us a comment below, we want to know!


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