Are Minimalists taking over the kitchen?

Don’t freak out but word on the street is the minimalists are taking over in the kitchen! What is trending in kitchen design, NO UPPER CABINETS! That’s right you Chefs and dish collectors say bye to those upper cabinets!

a minimalist kitchen

New Construction and kitchen renovations have many new options for storage than traditional cabinetry and we love it. The farm kitchens popularized open shelving but now the minimalist’s are beginning to set the trends. The current open floor plan concept also leads to alternative storage ideas. Why not pull out a drawer to reach for those vases instead of pulling out a step ladder? There are no rules stating microwaves need to be above the stoves, have you seen the new microwave drawers? Who knows, you might just love under counter refrigerators as well! Are the minimalists beginning to dominate home design? We want to know, are you a fan?

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